The Slow Death of Books

The Slow Death of Books

Warning: Opinions Ahead! Following from my post about the relevance of classical music, and the general decline in the sale of print books mixed with the increase in sales of other media and other reading methods (Kindles and so on), I thought I should write a bit around the apparent death of books. Now, before […]

Gamma World

Gamma World: Making D&D 4th Edition Fun

Full disclosure: I learnt to play D&D with 3.5, and I played it to death. My group at the time tried out 4th Edition when it came out, we gave it a fair chance. Overall, we didn’t like it. So when my new group suggested playing Gamma World, a setting for 4th Edition, I was […]

Is Classical Music Still Valid?

I originally intended this to be a tad longer, and more factual. However, I think the argument I put out is still accurate, and hopefully informative. We now live in a time where any kind of music, from any era, is available almost instantly. Musical diversity and experimentation has never been greater; so, how relevant […]

Ut oh, Gamergate

When I was invited to write for this I thought what’s topical and will get me hate mail….so gamergate it is then. Lets start with what gamergate isn’t. Its not about games journalism. Lets be honest now shall we children? Really honest. That’s right has there been a discussion about enforced ndas for bad games […]

Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel review, by G

First off, a confession. I love Borderlands games. Always have done. Ever since the first time I played the first instalment, I’ve dug the run ‘n’ gun gameplay, the endless looting, the wacky characters, the (literally) millions of different weapons. And I’ve yet to play DLC for it that’s disappointed me. The Tiny Tina D&D […]

The 5 Greatest Modern Fantasy Writers

I’m stealing the list format from Cracked a bit. Well, a lot. Although they definitely manage to be funnier than I am. Five is definitely too few, but there are so many it needed narrowing down a little bit. So here we go; the five greatest current fantasy writers, as selected by yours truly. 1. […]

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – A review

  Director: Jonathan Liebesman Writers: Josh Applebaum, Andre Nemec, Evan Daugherty Producer: Michael Bay Starring: Megan Fox, Will Arnett, William Fichtner Hot off the back of early 2014’s Transformers: Age of Extinction, a film whose final product was nothing more than a master class in how not to do fan service, Michael Bay lends his […]

Fury – A Review

Fury tells the story of a five man Sherman crew nearing the end of the second world war, and marks a detour for David Ayer the director and screen writer who usually feels more at home writing and directing US cop based action thrillers than historical films. Indeed Ayer’s last foray into historical grounds (U571) […]