Review: Marco Polo – Season One

The Overview: A Netflix Original production, the first season of Marco Polo charts the great adventurers early years in the Mongol court of Kublai Khan, the grandson of Genghis Khan and ruler of a fifth of the world’s landmass. Advertised as Netflix’ answer to The Borgias and Game Of Thrones, Marco Polo is billed as […]

Editorial: The Internet Is Not Killing Film*

Before we get into the nitty-gritty, hi. The editorials definitely seem to be on a set trend at the moment, mostly concerning film and gaming. If you have any suggestions for other things we should look at, stick them in the comments, send us a tweet @abortretryflail or visit our excellent facebook page. All contribution is […]

Review: Wynter #1 from New World Comics

It’s a short first issue, so unfortunately this is going to be a short first review. Hot off the press from New Worlds Comics, Wynter Issue 1: Set in a utopia-style future where man kind has colonized the stars, expanded it’s relationship with machines and AI, and developed into the kind of society found in […]

Editorial: The Two Gs Killing Gaming

Warning: Opinions Ahead One of my last posts was about some of the current problems hitting the gaming industry, and therefore us mere consumers. That particular post is pretty general, and only really covers some of the more recent releases to hit our libraries. For this, I’ve narrowed it down a bit to two individual problems […]


Constantine Episode 7 – “Blessed are the Fallen”

The last few episodes of Constantine have been littered with the good, the bad, and the downright laughable; so much so that it looked like there may not be much of a future for our lovable master of the dark arts. All past transgressions can be well and truly forgiven though as episode 7, ‘Blessed […]

Editorial: Cinema Is Killing Film

Opinions Ahead The film industry, as it stands, is big and bloated. Yearly release schedules swing from unnecessary big-budget reboots (In the last week, Star Wars, Jurassic Park and Terminator.) to big-budget “artistic” dramas aimed solely at the Oscars. Despite awards or critical acclaim, a success is based singularly around the box office takings and […]


Constantine Episode 6 – “Rage of Caliban”

Rage of Caliban is an episode that gets to the real core of what John Constantine does; something we were so beautifully teased with in the first five minutes of the Pilot and have rarely seen since. Possession and exorcism.  Throw into the mix, a messed up family, buckets of blood, and a frankly terrifying […]

Review: The Forest

The Forest is one of  the latest survival games to hit our screens in recent year. Brought to us by Endnight Games and following on from games like Rust and Day Z, you must survive the world you find yourself in. In this instance that world is an island that (you guessed it) has a lot of […]

Get motion sick without ever moving – The Oculus Rift

Back in the real world I get tasked with changing the way modern higher education engages students. As such my desk is a catastrophic mess of technology, both old and new, in search of new ideas. Right now it’s full of more Oculus Rifts that any one person should have access to, which puts me […]