Megagame Makers: Watch The Skies 2

I have very little idea of what just happened. Last Saturday, I was lucky enough to be able to go along to Megagame Maker’s Watch The Skies 2. Before I go any further, I heavily recommend you go and watch the Shut Up and Sit Down video on the first one, as it will explain the basics […]

Terry Pratchett: A Retrospective

I’ll never forget the first time I became aware of Terry Pratchett; I was eleven years old and a friend handed me a dusty and battered copy of Mort claiming that it was nothing short of the best book he’d ever read. Now I’m nearly 30 and I’ve lost the count of the times I’ve […]

Editorial: Trailer Bombardment

The latest trailer for Avengers 2: Age of Ultron dropped recently. It’s properly good, go and watch it. I’ll happily wait. Back? Exciting, right? But really, is it? I completely understand the necessity of advertising, and the requirement to make sure your product is ‘out there’ in the public eye to ensure ticket sales and […]