Filthy Casual 3 – Heaven’s Ward goes Heavensward

Final Fantasy 14’s first full expansion pack, Heavensward, arrives on Tuesday, but for everyone who pre-ordered, access started on Friday. I would imagine that means everyone, at this point. Certainly, the world’s never been busier, and for the first time in a long time, I was greeted with the message “World is Full” when trying to […]

Filthy Casual 2

Exploring a Massively Multiplayer Online World. One of the best feelings any open world game gives the player is the reveal. When you first step outside the vault in Fallout, or emerge blinking from the cave like so many Platonic metaphors in the Elder Scrolls series. When you take your first steps into Hyrule field […]

Jurassic World (and rebooting thoughts)

So the first question film makers should ask themselves before rebooting something should be “what can we add to the story that hasn’t already been told?” For me this is where a lot of remakes/boots/working/ whatever you want to label them as fail. They rely on what the audience already knows about the franchise and […]

Filthy Casual #1

Games, on the whole, tend toward the libertarian ideal. The player is the sole force of change in the world, created solely for them. Often the playable character is the chosen one, who must fight against incalculable odds to rescue the princess/save the world/ collect all the animals and brutally pit them against each other […]

Chocolate, Beer and Hop, Burns and Black

Anyone who knows me even in passing is well aware of my love of craft beer and chocolate (among other things). So when Hop Burns and Black, my local craft beer shop, announced a chocolate and beer pairing in collaboration with local Peckham chocolatier Melange, I knew I needed to be there (I was, also, a lucky ticket […]