Hungover in the North – Rebels’ Smokehouse

It is always a joy, when hungover in an unfamiliar land, that by accident you come across a smokehouse. Few foods are as competent at kicking a hangover into touch quite like BBQ. So it was with absolute joy that we walked into Rebels’ Smokehouse on a cold and windy Saturday afternoon. The first standout […]

Review: The Forest

The Forest is one of  the latest survival games to hit our screens in recent year. Brought to us by Endnight Games and following on from games like Rust and Day Z, you must survive the world you find yourself in. In this instance that world is an island that (you guessed it) has a lot of […]

Low ‘n’ Slow hits North West London @ One Sixty

BBQ has hit London in a big way, from the good to the bad, from the restaurants to the pop-ups, and I don’t mean a couple of sausages on a disposable grill. The American tradition of proper BBQ has made its mark on the UK gastronomic scene in a big way over the last few […]

Fury – A Review

Fury tells the story of a five man Sherman crew nearing the end of the second world war, and marks a detour for David Ayer the director and screen writer who usually feels more at home writing and directing US cop based action thrillers than historical films. Indeed Ayer’s last foray into historical grounds (U571) […]