Ernest Cline – Armada

Armada by Ernest Cline

It’s a rare thing these days that I don’t enjoy reading a book. Gone are the days when I had two hours of commuting a day and could rip through a novel or two in a week (several weeks if it was by Neal Stephenson). I am now left with whatever time I can find […]

Cadbury('s) Creme Egg

The Cadbury’s Creme Egg Swindle (or Much Ado About Nothing)

The creation of Universal Declaration of Human Rights was a huge step forward in the development of society. Within its 30 articles are basic definitions of the things that the new and enlightened post-war world deemed to be essential for our progression through life. It flows from recognition as a person to freedom of movement; […]

The McRib is Back

The McRib – time for the UK to join the US cult

McDonald’s are a scary machine of a company. All around the world, they pump out burgers and fries to the masses for cheap, producing consistent products that, despite their many detractors, taste good. Not amazing, not impressive and not great, just good. And they should be good, McDonald’s have spent huge amounts of cash on […]

Devin Townsend Project vs Ziltoid

Z² – Devin Townsend’s Ziltoid the Second

“The mighty Devin Townsend, surprised by the success of his experimental solo album, Ziltoid the Omnisicient, returned once again to the studio. For years he toiled and produced not one, but two albums. But now, confronted by a public accustomed to his other work, how we will he fare as he presents his new masterpiece. Will they yield? Only time will tell…”