London Fields Brewery Home Brewing Masterclass

A little while ago, me and my partner went off to the London Fields Brewery for a “Brewing Masterclass”. Having had a stab at making some homebrew mead before (and it failing spectacularly), I was very excited to see learn how I could avoid making 20 litres of vinegar again. So at 10:30 we arrive at […]

Review: Brainwavz S1 In Ear Noise Isolating Headphones

We were lucky enough to be approached by Brainwavz to review their S1 in-ear headphones. As such, these were provided to us, however that has in no way biased the review. First things first, take a good look at the way the cable hangs in the picture on the box.   That’s intentional. The headphones […]

Megagame Makers: Watch The Skies 2

I have very little idea of what just happened. Last Saturday, I was lucky enough to be able to go along to Megagame Maker’s Watch The Skies 2. Before I go any further, I heavily recommend you go and watch the Shut Up and Sit Down video on the first one, as it will explain the basics […]

Bearded Colonel Razor Subscription Review

The lovely chaps over at Bearded Colonel were kind enough to send me a set of their razors to try out. Bearded Colonel is essentially a razor subscription service, which will send you as many razors as you could possible desire for a small monthly fee. “Bearded Colonel” itself is obviously such an inspired choice, […]

Paranoia RPG

Before we do anything else, let’s take a look at the rest of that cover shall we. Anyway, what’s this game about? Pen and paper RPGs you may have played before tend to have a few things in commmon: You need to use teamwork to achieve your goals The GM is a fair and impartial […]

Gotham Running Commentary

I haven’t seen Gotham yet. I’m about to sit down and watch it. This is a running commentary! Spoilers ahead! Before the show: I was 100% sold on a show about Jim Gordon in a pre-Batman Gotham. fighting corruption, becoming the man we would all know… Then they started casting kids as villains.   Let’s […]

Betty Crocker Chocolate Fudge Brownies

I normally stick well clear of cooking kits, preferring the “make it up as you go along from scratch” approach. That being said, my baking skills are so lacking that if I tried that with brownies , I would end up with a lovely block of carbon for my efforts. Given my lack of expertise, […]

Gamma World

Gamma World: Making D&D 4th Edition Fun

Full disclosure: I learnt to play D&D with 3.5, and I played it to death. My group at the time tried out 4th Edition when it came out, we gave it a fair chance. Overall, we didn’t like it. So when my new group suggested playing Gamma World, a setting for 4th Edition, I was […]