Review: Star Wars – The Force Awakens

Star Wars: The Force Awakens Review-Ish! By now you’ve even seen the film, or are studiously avoiding all spoilers in (very) long-awaited anticipation. Either way, you’ll have noticed the increased numbers of reviews and criticism popping up since Christmas as more of us have time to process the whole of the experience. With this review, […]

Review: The Shepherd’s Crown – Terry Pratchett

Sorry for such a late review. This one took a lot to process, to really work out what needed to be said about the book before sending it (kicking, screaming, etc.) onto our esteemed website. Somewhat unlike our normal posts, this is going to be separated into two parts; the first will be a general review, […]

New Releases: World of Warcraft – Legion

  There we have it. The latest, and 6th expansion for the huge MMO, World of Warcraft (Release date yet to be confirmed, apparently). It’s still early days yet, so we thought we’d give you a run down of what’s currently been officially revealed. I might have been a tad sarcastic at points…   The Plot Continues […]

Editorial: Comic Book Criticism and the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Alternatively titled: “Come on guys, we’re kind of missing the point”.  Welcome back to our ARF! editorial, a column in which I get to rant on about anything I fancy (Hmm… – Ed.)! This particular topic has produced rage across the boards, swiftly followed by a swathe of critical editorials begging for us nerds just […]

Review: Witchcraft Couture

Disclaimer: I was sent this book for free by the author. However this was in no way considered a guarantee for a positive review, I have not been paid for this review, and the Author did not have a hand in the creation of the review. What follows is an honest critique of the strengths and weaknesses of […]

Editorial: Trailer Bombardment

The latest trailer for Avengers 2: Age of Ultron dropped recently. It’s properly good, go and watch it. I’ll happily wait. Back? Exciting, right? But really, is it? I completely understand the necessity of advertising, and the requirement to make sure your product is ‘out there’ in the public eye to ensure ticket sales and […]

Review: Love Is Strange

Sorry this one is a bit late everyone, life gets in the way. Yes, I realise that’s a tagline for a 90’s rom-com with heavy-handed Shakespeare overtones. We have reviews coming up for the new series of Vikings, Better Call Saul and of course our regular Constantine feature. As for films, nothing much is out […]

Review: Selma

As promised, I finally went to see it (Twice, just to make sure). I’ve never really seen anything that could be described as “hard hitting” before, beyond Schindler’s List, but Selma really takes it as a starting point and just runs with it. This one is worth a watch. Tomorrow, Valentine’s Day for anyone who’s […]

Review: Inherent Vice

This one was weird. Not bad-weird or good-weird particularly, just a little bit strange. You should definitely read the book it’s based on, which is both fantastic and slightly clearer. Inherent Vice occupies a strange, strange world… Overview: In a California beach community, private detective “Doc” Sportello (Joaquin Phoenix) tends to work his cases through a […]

Review: Kingsman & Ex Machina

As promised, new reviews! Inherent Vice should be coming soon, and Selma in the next two weeks (When it’s finally released. Grumblegrumblegrumble). I’m going with two in one for reasons that will shortly become apparent. They’re both incredibly different films, and this is by no means a side-by-side thing. It’d be unfair to compare them, […]