Review: Wynter #1 from New World Comics

It’s a short first issue, so unfortunately this is going to be a short first review.

Hot off the press from New Worlds Comics, Wynter Issue 1:

Set in a utopia-style future where man kind has colonized the stars, expanded it’s relationship with machines and AI, and developed into the kind of society found in Equilibrium. There are references to the expansion of Apple (iTechnology) and the idea that with so many billions of people, nobody is really unique anymore. If half a billion people share your exact same DNA, then there can’t really be anything you do that hasn’t been done before. It’s a good premise for a movie, and a really good premise for a comic book.

The art style is fantastic, semi-realistic with a nice dark tone that mars the otherwise utopian setting. Character design is also good, highlighting the struggle of the main character to be at least somewhat unique. The writing is well paced and measured, doesn’t feel stilted or particularly off at any point.

It’s a good start, really it is. A trans-humanist post-utopian sci-fi read with hints of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo and a slight hint of the apocalypse on the horizon? Fantastic, sign me up for Wynter!


Wynter #1 is available from Comixology for £1.49.

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