Editorial: Comic Book Criticism and the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Alternatively titled: “Come on guys, we’re kind of missing the point”.  Welcome back to our ARF! editorial, a column in which I get to rant on about anything I fancy (Hmm… – Ed.)! This particular topic has produced rage across the boards, swiftly followed by a swathe of critical editorials begging for us nerds just […]

Terry Pratchett: A Retrospective

I’ll never forget the first time I became aware of Terry Pratchett; I was eleven years old and a friend handed me a dusty and battered copy of Mort claiming that it was nothing short of the best book he’d ever read. Now I’m nearly 30 and I’ve lost the count of the times I’ve […]

Editorial: Trailer Bombardment

The latest trailer for Avengers 2: Age of Ultron dropped recently. It’s properly good, go and watch it. I’ll happily wait. Back? Exciting, right? But really, is it? I completely understand the necessity of advertising, and the requirement to make sure your product is ‘out there’ in the public eye to ensure ticket sales and […]

Craft Beer Rising 2015

Today marks the end of the first edition of London Beer Week which, in the similar vein of London Cocktail Week, featured £3 beers (most, it must be said, from craft breweries across the globe), pop ups and hoptails. It was, in my mind, a fantastic and resounding success and hopefully it will return next […]

Editorial: Theatre And Film

It’s been a bit of a break since the last one, I will admit. This year hasn’t been overly frustrating yet, I’m sure you’ll notice here when it does. The film release schedule has been pretty hectic, though. Everything is being released all at once just to make sure they have an Oscar shot. Between […]

Editorial: The Criticism of Science in Film

New editorial, new year. And I hope you’ll notice we managed to avoid the temptation of “Year in Review” posts. Inevitably they’re uninteresting, and you’ll have your own preferences anyway. The release schedule for everything will be up again soon (just waiting for the end of the new year draught) and we can get back […]

Editorial: The Internet Is Not Killing Film*

Before we get into the nitty-gritty, hi. The editorials definitely seem to be on a set trend at the moment, mostly concerning film and gaming. If you have any suggestions for other things we should look at, stick them in the comments, send us a tweet @abortretryflail or visit our excellent facebook page. All contribution is […]