Bowmore and Oyster Masterclass – A Shucking Good Time

Amazingly, the wonderful people over at Liquor to Lips agreed to have us back a second time, this time with Bowmore whiskey. Myself and Kitty (from Hotties From History) headed back over to Mussel Men for a lovely Sunday afternoon of booze and seafood. Bowmore had brought three of their (spoiler: delicious) whiskies with them […]

Wemyss Malt Masterclass at Mussel Men

We were lucky enough to be invited by Liquor to Lips to come along to a Wemyss tasting and food pairing at Mussel Men. So myself and Mr Tom from BrownDrinks headed over to Dalston for the evening. Wemyss Malts are an independant bottler who produce a range of blended malts sourced from all over […]

London Fields Brewery Home Brewing Masterclass

A little while ago, me and my partner went off to the London Fields Brewery for a “Brewing Masterclass”. Having had a stab at making some homebrew mead before (and it failing spectacularly), I was very excited to see learn how I could avoid making 20 litres of vinegar again. So at 10:30 we arrive at […]

Chocolate, Beer and Hop, Burns and Black

Anyone who knows me even in passing is well aware of my love of craft beer and chocolate (among other things). So when Hop Burns and Black, my local craft beer shop, announced a chocolate and beer pairing in collaboration with local Peckham chocolatier Melange, I knew I needed to be there (I was, also, a lucky ticket […]

Craft Beer Rising 2015

Today marks the end of the first edition of London Beer Week which, in the similar vein of London Cocktail Week, featured £3 beers (most, it must be said, from craft breweries across the globe), pop ups and hoptails. It was, in my mind, a fantastic and resounding success and hopefully it will return next […]

Cadbury('s) Creme Egg

The Cadbury’s Creme Egg Swindle (or Much Ado About Nothing)

The creation of Universal Declaration of Human Rights was a huge step forward in the development of society. Within its 30 articles are basic definitions of the things that the new and enlightened post-war world deemed to be essential for our progression through life. It flows from recognition as a person to freedom of movement; […]

Hungover in the North – Rebels’ Smokehouse

It is always a joy, when hungover in an unfamiliar land, that by accident you come across a smokehouse. Few foods are as competent at kicking a hangover into touch quite like BBQ. So it was with absolute joy that we walked into Rebels’ Smokehouse on a cold and windy Saturday afternoon. The first standout […]

The McRib is Back

The McRib – time for the UK to join the US cult

McDonald’s are a scary machine of a company. All around the world, they pump out burgers and fries to the masses for cheap, producing consistent products that, despite their many detractors, taste good. Not amazing, not impressive and not great, just good. And they should be good, McDonald’s have spent huge amounts of cash on […]

Low ‘n’ Slow hits North West London @ One Sixty

BBQ has hit London in a big way, from the good to the bad, from the restaurants to the pop-ups, and I don’t mean a couple of sausages on a disposable grill. The American tradition of proper BBQ has made its mark on the UK gastronomic scene in a big way over the last few […]