How to take care of a unicorn?

It may seem like an easy question but in spite of popular opinion taking care of a unicorn is not the same as taking care of a horse. From shoeing to grooming. Unicorns are an unique group that needs individual treatment. Breeding unicorns Firstly you need to know how to breed unicorns. There are special […]

Filthy Casual 3 – Heaven’s Ward goes Heavensward

Final Fantasy 14’s first full expansion pack, Heavensward, arrives on Tuesday, but for everyone who pre-ordered, access started on Friday. I would imagine that means everyone, at this point. Certainly, the world’s never been busier, and for the first time in a long time, I was greeted with the message “World is Full” when trying to […]

Bearded Colonel Razor Subscription Review

The lovely chaps over at Bearded Colonel were kind enough to send me a set of their razors to try out. Bearded Colonel is essentially a razor subscription service, which will send you as many razors as you could possible desire for a small monthly fee. “Bearded Colonel” itself is obviously such an inspired choice, […]