Constantine Episode 8 – “The Saint of Last Resorts (part 1)”

It’s back to the heart of religion for this week’s mid-season finale The Saint of Last Resorts (part 1), which sees another face from John’s torrid past make an appearance. New born babies are being inexplicably snatched from a convent in Mexico, and all signs point to an altogether otherworldly culprit. Can John save the day, get back the little cherubs and leave in one piece? We shall see…




While watching over Zed’s ‘R&R’, John is visited by a vision of Anne-Marie, an old flame and former member of the Newcastle crew, who desperately needs help stopping a creature that kills women, and steals their new born children. Naturally, John decides to head down there with Chas,  leaving Zed, the Spanish speaker behind. No wait, what?! Yes, they choose to leave her in the house, because she is ‘recovering’, or has another ‘art class’ or some other such nonsense. They even joke within the episode about how ridiculous it is to leave her behind, yet do it anyway, which is frankly baffling.

Luckily for us, this is where the ridiculousness ends, and things soon pick up.

Although an obvious recurrent theme in the show, The Saint of Last Resorts goes into overdrive with the mythical creatures, and trump card artefacts. It’s to be expected from a mid-season interval, and finally we’re given an insight into what the ‘rising darkness is’.


With help from his trusty sidekick Chas, and reluctant ex fling Anne-Marie, John discovers that the infants are being taken by Lamashtu, a demon from hell, and sister of Eve who, in Mesopotamian legend, steals away babies and devours them.  John manages to save the babies, and banish her, by invoking the demon Pazuzu (who we sadly, never see), but not before learning what is coming from the ‘rising darkness’.

Drum roll!

Lamashtu reveals that she, along with the Brujeria, a cult of Witches from Chilean Myth, are behind the coming evil; that they have found a way to break the barrier between earth and hell. Should this happen, all hell will literally break loose upon the earth, and humanity will be brought to swift ruin. It is at this point, when John seems to be getting his head around it all, an Ivunche appears. This is without a doubt the most terrifying thing to enter the show to date, and it’ll send shivers down even the most cynical of viewers’ spines. In that brief moment, you realise that John Constantine is human and that he has his flaws, when asked how to destroy the oncoming grotesque, he simply responds, “I have no idea…”

Sensing the immediate danger to both herself and the freshly rescued babies, Anne-Marie invokes ‘no sacrifice too great’, uttered moments before by John, shoots him, and leaves him to the mercy of the Ivunche…

I know what you’re (maybe?) asking yourself. What about Zed? Well, it seems like she was left along in the house for a reason; to move her plot line forward. After doing the exact opposite of what she was instructed, she leaves the house, bumps into Eddie, the nude model from her ‘art class’, and brings him back to the house. After being tipped of (conveniently) by a vision, she sees through his plans, but is however outnumbered, as members of ‘The Resurrection Crusade’ appear, drug her, and carry her off. Usually this kind of plot would be quite tense, but interspersing it with John’s story arc just makes it rather boring by comparison. A necessary evil to progress her storyline though.


Verdict: Although it pales in comparison to last weeks episode, it’s The Saint of last Resorts delivers the same winning formula, albeit on a less grand scale. It has a strong storyline, a terrifying antagonist, and some real answers to the ‘rising evil’ that was on the verge of fizzling into non-interest if they didn’t pipe up about it soon. It also gives us a real classic cliff-hanger, and although it’s safe to say this won’t be the end for our demonologist from the wrong side of the tracks, you can be damned sure he’s going to have a hard time getting out of this one.

Part 2 airs on January 9th, giving us a month to chomp at the bit with theories. The discussion boards are already teeming…

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