Gotham Running Commentary

I haven’t seen Gotham yet. I’m about to sit down and watch it. This is a running commentary! Spoilers ahead!

Before the show: I was 100% sold on a show about Jim Gordon in a pre-Batman Gotham. fighting corruption, becoming the man we would all know… Then they started casting kids as villains.


Let’s see how this goes!

0 minutes 

Oh looks it’s Catwoman (girl?) doing Catwoman things.

To be fair the kid actor here is pretty good. It’s obvious that this is Catwoman even before we see the cat.

2 minutes ish

No mucking around! Let’s murder some Waynes!

Eh. I get that they were trying to show the whole “he killed them for no reason” thing, survivors guilt etc, however the fact that he left Bruce alive shows some morality. I would have preferred that he has a reason not to kill Bruce.

“It’s seems, in your anger, you killed her”

4 minutes ish

Jim saves the day!

*Protecting a prisoner cliche*

9 minutes


Sean Pertwee will always be “that dude in Dog Soldiers” to me.

13 minutes

Apparently they could solve Gothams crime problems by waiting until Disturbed play a show and just arresting everyone at the gig?

14 minutes ish

Oh hi Riddler!  This is painful.

15 minutes

Oh hi Penguin!! Eurgh

…okay I do like him though.

18 minutes

Bullshit is that a cops apartment! What the hell does Barbara work as?

…okay so it is her apartment. Fair enough.

…nope I’m confused. So he’s new in Gotham, but has a girlfriend here serious enough that they are talking about marriage?

21 minutes

Goddamn it, for a minute there I thought we were going to meet someone who doesn’t grow up to be a villian.

Random Peep-Show-camera-in-the-face moment?

27 minutes

Jesus Barbara, offer your friend a drink or something.

Oh for fucks sake why the hell does Barbara have a Dark Secret?!

31 minutes

I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t lose your jobs. Self defence and all?

35 minutes

What’s this? A villain not being a total idiot? Approve.

38 minutes

Frankie-the-stereotypical-executioner is my favourite Batman villain.

Oh hi Falcone! Are we really going to meet everyone in Episode 1?

42 minutes

*insert war analogy here*

43 minutes

You can’t build tension here, we know that he won’t do it.

45 minutes


And that just about wraps it up! Overall I’m not overly keen on the idea of kid-villains. Mainly because I’m a huge fan of the “Batman creates his villains” school of thought. The fact that they start to exist before him removes all of the doubt surrounding Batmans methods.

That being said, I’m enjoying Gordon/Bullock team, Penguin, and Mooney, and the characterisations of the various villains have been really very good. It’s definitely something that I’ll give a shot, though they need to abandon the kids. Bruce included.


What did you think? Let us know in the comments! No Spoilers for other episodes please!



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  1. I rather like it, although I am now 6 episodes in and the pilot didn’t entirely sell me – anything with Sean Pertwee in gets a pass from me.

    As for the kids as villains thing, I didn’t see any evidence of that. I go for a “the villains were there already, but they became the exaggerated things that they are due to the existence of Batman” approach, which isn’t too far off yours. In the show, Penguin’s a young guy, as is Riddler, but they’re far from kids and their place in the narrative is consistent with Batman mythology. Selina Kyle being a kid makes sense, and the only one that doesn’t quite fit is Bruce Wayne, who I’d put as a few years older. I’ve not noticed the infamous “is this the Joker?” cameos that they’re meant to be putting in each episode, but they sound like a nice way of teasing the existence of the arch-enement. As long as the series doesn’t turn into Young Batman I suspect I’ll stick with it.

    • It certainly is a little bit better now that they are a few episodes in. Not sure how they are going to explain the fact that Kyle doesn’t know who Batman is later on in life.
      At the moment I’m assuming that this is Elseworlds version, rather than a prequel to established canon.

      Almost a “What if the Wayne murders had been a conspiracy, and been the tipping point?”.

      • Age-wise things don’t really fit, so I’m sure it is a bit of a ‘Batman Kids’ Elseworld, but I have no particular issue with multiple continuities. Compared to some of the tweaks they’ve mad over the years, this is just a detail 🙂

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