Jurassic World (and rebooting thoughts)

So the first question film makers should ask themselves before rebooting something should be “what can we add to the story that hasn’t already been told?”
For me this is where a lot of remakes/boots/working/ whatever you want to label them as fail.
They rely on what the audience already knows about the franchise and just hope that the name will carry them through the box office on it’s shoulders.
You may be wondering if this means that Jurassic World is just more silly dinosaur attacks and comedy moments wrapped up in a pretty bow.
And I guess you would be right.
We KNOW what we are going to be seeing.

Don’t we?

So its been 22 years since the first film and the world has moved on, technology has moved on, but people they never change.

That’s the great thing about this movie. We KNOW what’s coming, so how can it possibly shock us?
The original was an adventure film. It had suspense, it had drama and most importantly it had huge dinosaurs trying to kill everything in sight.
So more of the same? No need to think too hard just make it all happen again.
But that is why Jurassic Park 2 and 3 didn’t work in my book. They didn’t feel they had to try. They relied on the brand of the name but never really delivered on those great moments from the first instalment.
What World does is actually cross genres. It says “we have had the adventure of a few people being chased by dinosaur, lets see the HORROR of an entire park full of people being hunted.”
Its not even subtle about it, any horror fan will see massive nods to other franchises (most notably the Alien films).

I am trying not to spoil this for people so I will leave you with this note. If you think, like I did, you have seen the best bits in the trailer, you haven’t.

I have not enjoyed a film like this in such a long time so all I can say is strap yourself in for the ride of your life, keep your hands and legs inside the car until it has come to a complete stop and the dinosaur in the rear view mirror is a lot closer than you may think!!



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  1. I liked it. But I like to see big dinosaurs eating people…( Hey it’s kinda my thing) I think the real test was that my daughter (who was born in 92 so this has always been just a thing that existed in movie world) who never really cared much about the series, got all swept up in it and loved it so much she saw it twice so far. To make the old fans happy, to catch the new ones too… Job done.

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