Betty Crocker Chocolate Fudge Brownies

I normally stick well clear of cooking kits, preferring the “make it up as you go along from scratch” approach. That being said, my baking skills are so lacking that if I tried that with brownies , I would end up with a lovely block of carbon for my efforts.

Given my lack of expertise, my other half and I decided to try out Betty Crockers Chocolate Fudge Brownie Mix. The instructions looked pretty straight forward, and the cooking time was low, so away we went!

Step 1: Mix the Ingredients

All you have to do to mix everything together. Perfect.
That’s the mix, water, oil, and one egg. Dump that in a pan, and you are ready to go!

Step 2: The Oven

We didn’t have an appropriately sized tin, so instead we used two smaller ones. In total this came to slightly larger than the size in the instructions, so we decided to give it slightly less time in the oven than the 30 minutes that the packaging told us to do.

Will this spell doom for our brownies? The smell very nice, so I hope not!

Step 3: The Best Bit

So after 25ish minutes, it’s time for the big reveal! The tins came put, and after a short cooling time, we cut them up.

They were perfectly crispy on top, and lovely and gooey in the middle, just as promised! In fact, I think that had they been as deep as they were meant to be, they may have been a little too gooey for my tastes.




The brownie in the pan, showing how thin they were.


Brownies on the plate.


The brownies were fantastic, and while normally I would prefer to make them from scratch, if I was ever short on time, or making a lot of other food at the same time, I would definitely use this mix again. Especially given the range of different recipes that are on the Betty Crocker site, and on other sites like The Gingerbread House.


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