Bowmore and Oyster Masterclass – A Shucking Good Time

Amazingly, the wonderful people over at Liquor to Lips agreed to have us back a second time, this time with Bowmore whiskey. Myself and Kitty (from Hotties From History) headed back over to Mussel Men for a lovely Sunday afternoon of booze and seafood. Bowmore had brought three of their (spoiler: delicious) whiskies with them for us to try.

The three whiskies we were lucky enough to be able to try:

  • Bowmore Small Batch
  • Bowmore 12 Years Old
  • Bowmore 15 Years Old Darkest

Having previously tried whiskies from different regions, it was interesting to now try different aged whiskies from a single region. True to form, my favorite of the three was the most expensive, but in my defense, Darkest is very, very tasty. Lots of caramel and raisin.

After having sampled each of the different whiskies, we moved on to trying out some oysters. First, we were given a demonstration on how to open the oysters with a knife (a process called “shucking”).


From there we had a go ourselves, with a little more difficulty.

Yes that’s a chainmail glove, so I don’t stab myself. No I don’t know where you can buy them.

Once we had our oysters open, it was time for the oyster luge! Essentially it goes like this:

  1. Sip the oyster brine
  2. Sip your whisky
  3. Eat the oyster
  4. Pour some of the whisky into the empty shell, and swill
  5. Drink the whisky from the shell

We definitely started out doing this, but by the end of the session, we were just pouring some whisky onto the oyster and doing the whole thing. We were a little tipsy by this point, but it was wonderful.

After this, we moved on to the final event; an oyster shucking / presentation challenge! We were put into groups, everyone had to shuck their own oyster, and then the chef would judge them. You lost points for bits of shell in the oyster, which was very hard to avoid. This is our entry:

I know what you are thinking, obviously we should have won! However instead we placed second after a very tense and close decision. I encourage you to write to both Mussel Men and Bowmore to file a formal complaint!

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