Wemyss Malt Masterclass at Mussel Men

We were lucky enough to be invited by Liquor to Lips to come along to a Wemyss tasting and food pairing at Mussel Men. So myself and Mr Tom from BrownDrinks headed over to Dalston for the evening.

Wemyss Malts are an independant bottler who produce a range of blended malts sourced from all over Scotland. On the menu today was The Hive, Peat Chimney, and Spice King.

NEAT glass

The whiskeys were all served in NEAT glasses, which look pretty cool.

First up was The Hive, which is described as having “sweet honey vanilla notes”. I’m normally more of a rum kind of chap, so I expected this to be my favorite. It was served with some honey-roasted ham ball things, which complemented the sweeter whiskey perfectly. The whiskey did definitely taste sweeter than what I would normally expect a whiskey to taste like, even to my palate. The Hive is a blend of malts from the Speyside region, which apparently are “lunchtime” whiskeys? It’s definitely dangerously drinkable.


Me with an oyster and dram of Peat Chimney

Second on the list was the Peat Chimney. This is a blend of malts which have all been sourced from Islay. These are characterised by taste of peat, which I was a little apprehensive about. Peat Chimney, however is described as smelling like “seashore with hemp rope and driftwood”, which as someone who grew up next to the sea sounds very tempting. This was served with a lovely scottish oyster. The whole experience was like kissing a scottish Cthulhu, but in a good way.
shadows over scotland

I tried to find a picture of Cthulhu in a kilt but Google image search failed me.

Finally we had a dram of Spice King, which is bland of malts from “the Highlands and Islands” region, which to me sounds like “Scotland”? It’s called Spice King for a reason, as it’s got a really lovely warmth to it in a kind of pepper-y way. It was served with the most amazing instant nitrogen whisky ice-cream.

As someone who wasn’t too into his whiskeys before this masterclass, I had a wonderful time, and really enjoyed having the opportunity to try some nice whiskeys, and really learn all about them. They are bottled at 46% ABV, and are “non chill filtered”, which means that they don’t filter out (according to them) “all the good stuff”, which a lot of others do. If you’re after a nice bottle and haven’t tried these, I’d definitely recommend giving Wemyss a shot!

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