HONEYRUNNER, a cyberpunk hack of Honey Heist

You are CYBERPUNKS who live in the shadows, and on the net. You make Runs against giant Mega-Corporations to crack the Honey out of them.

It’s DATACON 2077, where all the Mega-Corps show off their upcoming products. You are going to undertake the greatest heist the world has ever seen. Two things-

One: You have CYBERware surgically grafted into your body.

Two: You are a goddamn PUNK.

HONEYRUNNER is a hack of Honey Heist by Grant Howitt, which is supported through his Patreon. Huge thanks to the Hearty Dice Friends Discord for the encouragement and letting me spitball ideas.

You can download a cool “Matrix” version here.

You can download a more print-friendly version here.

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