Gold of An Ancient Civilisation – RPG Currency

RPG Talk‘s November 2016 Design Contest was to design a currency.  Specifically: Give a description of a currency in your world. What gives the currency its value? In what units is it measured? How is it acquired? How is it verified? Entries are limited to 1,000 words and should be game system agnostic.  My entry […]

Regional Cult Headquarters – 3 Room Dungeon

RPG Talk's October 2016 Design Contest was to design a 3 Room Dungeon.  Specifically: Give a description of a three-room dungeon. What makes each room different? What ties them to together? How do the players enter/exit the dungeon? What is the goal of the dungeon? The entry should also be game system-agnostic. The entry should […]

How to take care of a unicorn?

It may seem like an easy question but in spite of popular opinion taking care of a unicorn is not the same as taking care of a horse. From shoeing to grooming. Unicorns are an unique group that needs individual treatment. Breeding unicorns Firstly you need to know how to breed unicorns. There are special […]

Review: Star Wars – The Force Awakens

Star Wars: The Force Awakens Review-Ish! By now you’ve even seen the film, or are studiously avoiding all spoilers in (very) long-awaited anticipation. Either way, you’ll have noticed the increased numbers of reviews and criticism popping up since Christmas as more of us have time to process the whole of the experience. With this review, […]

A Retrospective: Jak II

I absolutely loved the Jak and Daxter series. The first two Jak and Daxter games were probably the biggest games of my childhood. I don’t think it was just because I was a kid either. Even given it’s obvious influence from other games, diving into the humor, mystery and lush environments of Jak and Daxter after a […]

How to Keep Your Fanbase When “You Can’t Experiment…”

In a recent interview, when asked about making new entries in the Star Wars franchise, George Lucas said  “You can’t experiment… all you do is get criticised”. This is likely a reference towards Lucas’s much derided, Star Wars prequel series. I personally feel that many different things contributed to the poor reception of those movies. […]

Bowmore and Oyster Masterclass – A Shucking Good Time

Amazingly, the wonderful people over at Liquor to Lips agreed to have us back a second time, this time with Bowmore whiskey. Myself and Kitty (from Hotties From History) headed back over to Mussel Men for a lovely Sunday afternoon of booze and seafood. Bowmore had brought three of their (spoiler: delicious) whiskies with them […]

Wemyss Malt Masterclass at Mussel Men

We were lucky enough to be invited by Liquor to Lips to come along to a Wemyss tasting and food pairing at Mussel Men. So myself and Mr Tom from BrownDrinks headed over to Dalston for the evening. Wemyss Malts are an independant bottler who produce a range of blended malts sourced from all over […]