Review: How To Train Your Dragon 2

Dreamworks Animations has released a mixed bag of films over the years. For every Kung Fu Panda and Shrek 2, there’s a Bee Movie or Shrek 3 in there to remind you that they will always play second fiddle to Pixar. Or will they? How To Train Your Dragon was a knock-out hit for Dreamworks, earning them a pair of Oscar […]


Constantine Episode 4 – “A Feast of Friends”

Constantine’s fourth instalment, gives the die-hard fans out there, as it’s the first direct adaptation of a Hellblazer story. Once again, they have upped the ante, not only just aesthetically, by upping the graphic depiction of violence, but by giving us an insight into the dark past of Mr John Constantine. This is not one […]

(Relatively) Modern Gaming Classics 3 – Medieval II: Total War

Medieval II: Total War (2006) Developer: The Creative Assembly Publisher: Sega   The Overview: Medieval II is a much admired Real-Time-Strategy game that counts amongst one of the most loved and longest running series of games in the last decade. Set during the roughly defined Middle Ages, you progress from the most basic of technologies and […]

Empty Throne - Bernard Cornwell

The Empty Throne, by Bernard Cornwell

Spoiler warning for the previous Warrior Chronicles books. * * * * * I was once fortunate enough to meet Bernard Cornwell, the famed and justly lauded author of the Sharpe series, amongst a host of other books. Including, now, the eighth book in the Warrior Chronicles, The Empty Throne. At the time, the third Warrior Chronicles book, […]

In Order of Disappearance

Review: In Order of Disappearance

The Overview: A Norwegian Action-Black-Comedy! Staring Stellan Skarsgard in the lead role, and a number of other familiar faces from the Scandinavian film scene, set almost entirely around the roads between a small village and the nearest city, this film is dark, and hilarious. With just the right amount of action, and an understated sense […]

Gotham Running Commentary

I haven’t seen Gotham yet. I’m about to sit down and watch it. This is a running commentary! Spoilers ahead! Before the show: I was 100% sold on a show about Jim Gordon in a pre-Batman Gotham. fighting corruption, becoming the man we would all know… Then they started casting kids as villains.   Let’s […]

Low ‘n’ Slow hits North West London @ One Sixty

BBQ has hit London in a big way, from the good to the bad, from the restaurants to the pop-ups, and I don’t mean a couple of sausages on a disposable grill. The American tradition of proper BBQ has made its mark on the UK gastronomic scene in a big way over the last few […]


Constantine Episode 3 – “The Devil’s Vinyl”

Welcome back John Constantine! After a shaky second episode that brought more yawns than thrills, episode 3 The Devil’s Vinyl has finally found an equation that works. This is down to, in no small part, the addition of Hellblazer fan favourite Papa Midnite (Michael James Shaw) who instantly has made the character his own. Throw […]

Betty Crocker Chocolate Fudge Brownies

I normally stick well clear of cooking kits, preferring the “make it up as you go along from scratch” approach. That being said, my baking skills are so lacking that if I tried that with brownies , I would end up with a lovely block of carbon for my efforts. Given my lack of expertise, […]

(Relatively) Modern Gaming Classics Part 2: Fable

Fable & Fable: The Lost Chapters (2004/2005) Developed: Big Blue Box (Original) Lionhead Studios (Lost Chapters) Published: Microsoft Game Studios Designed: Peter Molyneux   The Overview: The first in a decade-spanning series from the developers of Black & White (2001), Fable is a semi-scripted Action-RPG originally released for Microsoft’s premier console the Xbox, itself only released […]