Becoming Fate’s Fire: A Method of Prophecy for a Grim Fantasy Setting

In order to cast prophecies, and interpret them, a person must commit themselves body mind and soul. The process is referred to as “Becoming Fate’s Fire” (always capitalised). The Becoming The following steps must be taken, in order to fully commit oneself to Fate, and to make the mind receptive to the movements of Fate’s […]

Xenotransplantation – System Agnostic Medical Procedure for RPGs

Content Warning: mental health, self-harm, general “body horror” themes. Xenotransplantation is the medical practice of transplanting tissue across species. Commonly used to refer to transplanting non-human tissue into a human host. For this document, we will be using it to refer to the specific practice of transplanting from a sentient race into a human host, […]

A Retrospective: Metal Gear Solid 1 and 2

With the 5th instalment of the series released earlier this year, I recently took the time to replay the first two Metal Gear Solid games. The two games were certainly staples of my childhood and I used to play them all the time even before I was even out of primary school. The set pieces, […]

New Releases: World of Warcraft – Legion

  There we have it. The latest, and 6th expansion for the huge MMO, World of Warcraft (Release date yet to be confirmed, apparently). It’s still early days yet, so we thought we’d give you a run down of what’s currently been officially revealed. I might have been a tad sarcastic at points…   The Plot Continues […]

Filthy Casual #1

Games, on the whole, tend toward the libertarian ideal. The player is the sole force of change in the world, created solely for them. Often the playable character is the chosen one, who must fight against incalculable odds to rescue the princess/save the world/ collect all the animals and brutally pit them against each other […]

Editorial: The Two Gs Killing Gaming

Warning: Opinions Ahead One of my last posts was about some of the current problems hitting the gaming industry, and therefore us mere consumers. That particular post is pretty general, and only really covers some of the more recent releases to hit our libraries. For this, I’ve narrowed it down a bit to two individual problems […]

(Relatively) Modern Gaming Classics 3 – Medieval II: Total War

Medieval II: Total War (2006) Developer: The Creative Assembly Publisher: Sega   The Overview: Medieval II is a much admired Real-Time-Strategy game that counts amongst one of the most loved and longest running series of games in the last decade. Set during the roughly defined Middle Ages, you progress from the most basic of technologies and […]

The Slow Death of Books

The Slow Death of Books

Warning: Opinions Ahead! Following from my post about the relevance of classical music, and the general decline in the sale of print books mixed with the increase in sales of other media and other reading methods (Kindles and so on), I thought I should write a bit around the apparent death of books. Now, before […]