Bearded Colonel Razor Subscription Review

The lovely chaps over at Bearded Colonel were kind enough to send me a set of their razors to try out. Bearded Colonel is essentially a razor subscription service, which will send you as many razors as you could possible desire for a small monthly fee.


It comes in a lovely tin

“Bearded Colonel” itself is obviously such an inspired choice, given that there has never been a single recorded incident of there being a bearded colonel.


Moustachioed, sure; but never a full beard.

So we know they have pretty products, and a cool name. What else? Well they’ve teamed up with Blind Veterans UK to donate £1 every time your subscription renews.Which is pretty nice of them.


They have yet to take an official stance on people imprisoned as war criminals for a crime they didn’t commit.

“But what about the actual razors?!” I hear you cry! Well the razors are lovely. The first delivery you get will come with a sleek, heavy handle, which sits very pleasingly in your hand.


Sexy handle.

The head itself is large with five blades and an aloe vera strip. The blades pull on the skin in a way which feels efficient rather than like it’s gong to take multiple strokes to get that close cleanness.


No silly-ness here.

So why would you switch to the Bearded Colonel from you elite, expensive, adulterous-sports-star-endorsed razors? Well for one, they get delivered to your door, which obviously in these busy days is a significant advantage. Secondly, Bearded Colonel claim that they give you a shave which is more similar to that which you get from a straight razor, due to their blade shape.


Also “The Gothic Arch II” sounds metal as fuck

So if you desire a shave that’s like a model, consider checking them out!

CS Ep8

Not that kind of model.

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